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Realize Your Vision

Welcome to A1 Mixes, a mixing and mastering service dedicated bringing your music to life with your vision in mind. Collaborating with artists from across the globe, we have the expertise to take your music from its initial stages and mold it to a polished, radio ready matter the genre. 

Pair of Distressors

the Story

As of 2023, there are over 120,000 songs uploaded to streaming services everyday. Clearly, we are living in a new era of music creation, making it more accessible than ever before. With an increase in the number of people expressing themselves through music, there still remains a very small percentage of those who can turn raw music into radio ready songs that sonically compete with the hits you hear from your favorite artists. This is where A1 Mixes wanted to help.

the Vision

Our vision is to impact not only artists, but musicians, producers and engineers to give them the tools and opportunity to create better music from their homes. With what we offer, creating music that resonates with your creative vision is no longer a daunting task.

Sound Equipment
Mixing at Panhandle House Studios

the Mission

A1 Mixes is an online audio mixing and mastering service that is dedicated to providing artists with high quality audio production services that help achieve their creative vision. Our mission is to spread this service to artists all across the globe so that anyone creating music will no longer be limited by the technical aspects of audio engineering. They can let their creative musical vision shine with nothing holding them back.

How It Works

Select Your Service

Choose what service you are looking for, from full stem mixing to mastering for your next album.

Upload Song Materials

Upload the materials necessary for us to complete your project like the multitrack, song references or mix notes.

We Mix/Master Your Music

We provide all-inclusive mixing and mastering services, utilizing top-notch tools and techniques to transform your music into a sonically superior work of art.

Meet the owner

Meet Avery Gauthier, a seasoned audio engineer with nearly a decade of expertise. Over the last several years, he has obtained a bachelors degree in audio production from one of the top audio schools in the country, and has worked for notable companies in the music industry like Reach Records and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Not only is Avery a professional audio engineer, but he also writes and produces music himself. He understands the creative process and how important it is to work with the right people to bring out the best in your music. This is the main motivation behind the mission and vision of A1 Mixes.

Video About A1 Mixes

Picture of Owner
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